Runaway to LA

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3d94292632cfe9824163f8429c17bc96 Over the past few months, my close friend Yazzi Williams of @loveyazphoto, and I decided to plan a trip to the United States to shoot a project close to our hearts.

enter Flight day – 31st August arrived and we boarded our flight with anticipation. Long haul flights – not always the greatest part of the trip to some – but I often get a lot done during flight time and enjoy not being in contact with the outside world. I believe it’s called “going off grid”.

gym dating stories Flight was awesome. I managed to get lots of work done and a few hours sleep. Not sure about Yazzi though. Who sleeps these days, anyway?

ou rencontrer la femme de sa vie We arrived at LAX at 8 am declaring we weren’t jetlagged, however it caught up with us later and we crashed on our friend Tiff’s floor (for a few hours).

bo rencontres à elizabethtown Early next morning our mission started. Our week was full and full-on. We filmed and photographed for six days straight traveling up and down the West Coast of California. Ahhhmazzzingggg – what a beautiful part of the world and we met some of the most beautiful, inspiring souls along the way. The message of this project, is very simple. “Just Love”. Something we believe will make a difference. It already has in our lives.

mujeres solteras por falta de hombres With my coffee in hand, glasses on, and my hair in a messy bun. Im signing off to continue to work on this project. I am so excited for you all to see it. Stay tuned!

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