My Story

After studying Acting for Film and Television in Australia and then Los Angeles, my passion for being behind the camera grew.   While I enjoyed the acting experience, I discovered a whole new element to the film industry.  I was intent on learning all aspects of functionality behind the camera including lighting, angles and directing while filming in the studio and on set.

After purchasing my first camera I began to photograph and film on a regular basis and my passion continued to grow.

Cusp/kusp  – A term used to describe the edge or brink of something

I created a YouTube channel and began filming short clips for friends starting out  in the music and fashion industry to help give them exposure. I used the skills I had learnt during my training and have continued enhancing my skills as technology has advanced.

I recently began shooting short videos for local fashion labels and musicians for use on their websites and social media accounts and that is how Kusp Creative came about.

From a young age I have loved watching movies and short films that were authentic and raw.  I desired to see more so I started creating my own content.  I love to travel and try to capture a side of cities, places and locations that will bring out something new and show the subject in a different light.  As I capture each moment, I  have a desire to educate and share what I love, Fashion and Film and if I can make your journey a little better or brighter,  I have done my job.

About Kusp Creative