To my Valentine…

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To my Valentine,

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

Do you know who I’m talking to?




As Valentines Day is upon us, I’ve notice the peak of pastel pink tones and red hearts, partnered with a percentage of salty comments of those who are bitter that this day exists.

Why do days like this make people feel like we need someone? Sometimes social media can play a part in making you feel as though you need something or someone to make you feel adequate or socially acceptable. . The culprit is comparison.

Its okay to not have it all figured out, or to not have the same things as some of your friends do. Different seasons bring different challenges. I believe there are some things that need to be figured out by yourself.

But hey, I love celebrating. In my family we celebrate, everything. (this also includes my friends) There’s no need to get caught up in it all, when we can celebrate, right?

Last night one of my group messages blew up, my girls were all talking about what we could do to love people on a day like today, where people feel pressure. So, one paid forward someone’s coffee, another wrote cute love notes and put them on random peoples cars all around the city while another made dinner for a group of her closest friends and surprised them. (keeping in mind, we are all currently in different countries) yet all these little acts of love were taking place.
So be it Valentines Day or not, we chose and continue to choose for love to be our culture. We don’t want to limit things like this to just one day. These #littleactsoflove are something we do on a regular basis, not just for our significant others but for our friends and strangers. This isn’t to brag, but hopefully to encourage our society. There are many more things we do, yet we keep them hidden and love the little mystery behind them. So let your imagination run wild.



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