The Lion doesn’t lose sleep.

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A Lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of a sheep.


What it takes to be an outsider is to have as little as one person, belittle you, make you feel as though what you think or say or do, your religious views, the colour of your skin or even the way you dress is not enough to be a part of society. Because to them whoever you are isn’t acceptable or “cool” enough.

Over the years of meeting many of these people both famous and not, the most interesting lesson I’ve learnt, is that no matter what their career may be, how many dollars they earn or how many amazing songs they may or may not write, the emphasis is on the way they treat those who do nothing for them. This is what speaks volumes about someones character.

For some, it is more important for them to be involved and considered part of the “in”, crowd and through this, I’ve witnessed people overlook their own behavior and completely disregard those who care for them.. because their own desires are held above what is right. But when did that become acceptable? Why is one better than the other?

Truth is, they’re not, and that kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable. However it does exist. You choose the way you act and how you allow others to treat you and those surrounding. Each person knows what is right deep down, and I believe no one was designed to feel like an outsider.

How many instances have we conformed to society and labeled someone something we shouldn’t? How different the world would look if we actually accepted people as they are and not who we think they should be.

My parents are strong, fair and passionate about people and raised my brothers and I with a level playing field. We were never better than anyone, regardless of the success that was achieved. If we ever were to disrespect others, our parents were quick to correct us and teach how important it is to have others around us, and how if we wanted to be successful, we couldn’t do it alone.

I never want to be cool, if it means I have to walk over people to get what I want or pretend to listen. What I’ve learnt, is the importance of knowing who you are, what you are blessed to have and paying attention to what’s going on in the lives of those around you. For a minute, take your eyes off yourself and pay attention. I can guarantee that someone close to you, needs you right now.


This thought changed my perspective and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather choose to be kind than be cool.







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