The Late January Approach

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I’ll admit it, for a while there I was among the many who happily farewelled 2016. For some reason I felt more ready for 2017 than I did, the year before.

2016 – brought milestones for us at the KuspCreative Office.

We managed multiple Home Projects and here we love making them. We design these shoots for our in house talent to execute. We produce and direct with some of the most relevant and current creatives in my opinion in our local industry.

We launched our denim jacket line “Jack Cole”. We again collaborated with one of my favourite photographers LoveYaz and I managed to convince a few of my friends to model the jackets.
We never anticipated we would sell as many jackets as we did, so to all those who helped make Jack Cole happen, and of course all those who bought them,  THANK YOU.

And….. there may be more jackets coming out soon…

If you’ve followed the journey long enough, you know I never like to give too much away. But for 2017 there are a lot of exciting things planned and a lot of change in scenery. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.


I’d rather show you than tell you.





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