Just Love Jacket Release

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So holidays are over and so is the first month of the year. We’ve welcomed February warmly at our Kusp Creative office, with our theme this month being all about, LOVE. February 14th and all!

Valentines Day, love is in the air. (Unless that is the smell of freshly brewed coffee)

My personal aim this year is to love and appreciate more. More moments, more people and more adventure! (Yaz loves the last one the most)
So to celebrate this, yes, we have released a range of Just Love jackets which are now available for order! We’ve been working to bring this project to life and are ecstatic to share it with you!

Go to our Facebook or Instagram and pick your style (they’re also completely customizable) then click on the Contact link above and send an email of your request to:


Yaz and I filmed our first official Youtube vlog as we were receiving many requests for more of our adventures from our snapchat and instagram accounts. So we thought, why not?!
So here it is:

Just Love Campaign Beach Photoshoot



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