Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror is the documentary following on from the Just Love Campaign.

Many have asked the “what and why” questions about the purpose of Yazzi and I traveling to America to film the documentary. Mirror Mirror will reveal all.

It’s been such a crazy adventure, filming, editing, time spent on planes, trains, buses and a few road trips and I am now proud to say, it is ready!

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this project. Each amazing girl we interviewed, the boys who gave up their equipment when disaster struck the night before we left Australia, our friends who encouraged us the whole way, especially in our times of doubting, and those who opened their lives and homes to us while we were in America.

I believe that this project has been a long time coming and many have helped play a part in its creation.

To my mentors, my friends, my friends’ parents and especially my parents, thank you for always, always loving me unconditionally, believing in me and showing me that no matter what people say and what comes against me, if I stay true to who I am anything is possible.





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