The Just Love Campaign

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The Just Love Campaign

It all started in my living room, sitting on the couch wondering what this film adventure would bring and how to make the project successful and worthwhile. I knew there was a purpose for it and that I wanted it to be captured by many, I just wasn’t sure how to move forward.

Where would I start? What and who was I going to film? How was it going to come together? What would I call it and what would the main theme be?

A wise lady (yes, my Mum) brought to my attention that she believes it is always best to have some idea of the direction you’re heading, and although the best laid plans sometimes go awry, to trust your instincts and believe in what you feel has been placed in your heart.

My parents taught my two brothers and I as we were growing up, to love one another as you love yourself. To accept others as they are and to know that everyone has a story and that everyone really just wants to be loved.

So after much deliberation, my answer to all of my own questions for this campaign was exactly that. Just Love.

I wasn’t quite sure how to direct the campaign but I decided to make a jacket that would help bring the Just Love theme to life.

For some time now I have noticed people around me not being secure and comfortable in their own skin, always desiring to be like someone else, wanting what others have. So my thoughts were “why not clothe them in something they’d feel really comfortable in? Something to help make them feel good about themselves? Something of beauty, something that might just make them feel loved, knowing it had been created with a purpose.”

Jacket designed, it was time for my friend Yazzi and I to set off on our American adventure. Armed with the jacket, our cameras and a whole lot of love, we traveled around filming and photographing as many people as we could, all wearing the jacket, trying to get the Just Love message out.

The purpose of the campaign is to splash a little fun and well, love out there into the media and to you all. A trend if you will, something that will reach people and spread the message of Just Love.

So follow us on the Just Love Campaign. Each photo released will have a story of the girl photographed and what Just Love means to them.
You’ll be able to find all of these incredible stories easily on our tumblr page:

And by simply hashtaging – #justlovecampaign on all social media outlets.
The Just Love jacket is now well traveled and continues to warm the shoulders and hearts of many.

In late November we will be releasing, under the Just Love Campaign, the documentary Mirror, Mirror. Stay Tuned for this next exciting chapter!

Thanks to all the beautiful people who supported us and took part in the project. It was an honor to work with you. #justlove



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