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Taylor Swift sings “Are we out of the woods, are we out of the woods?”

We can think of the woods as a scary place but there’s something mystical about it. What is it that draws us in? We all had the story of Little Red Riding Hood read to us as kids didn’t we?

My latest filming adventure took us straight into the woods and what an adventure it was.

Location: Curumbin Valley, Gold Coast, Australia.

We partnered up with Bonnie & Willow Flower Co., a Gold Coast based business specializing in all things floral – from crowns to requested special arrangements.

Bonnie Howard, the proud business owner, hand made the flower crowns with fresh blooms for the shoot.
The model featured in this shoot is Gold Coast’s Daisy Nelson-Mehan.
With Daisy’s hair and makeup done and wardrobe on hand, we ventured into the Currumbin Valley until we found a spot with perfect lighting, a secret place we of course cannot reveal. We climbed through barb-wired fences and dug through the bushes until we reached this perfect location.

(When you look at the amazing picture above, you’ll see it was TOTALLY worth it!)

The deeper we walked into the woods, the greater chance we had of disturbing the wildlife that is a part of our native Australia. Thankfully we did not encounter any unfriendly snakes or spooky spiders.

Once we wrapped the shoot, Bonnie was kind enough to give us each a flower crown. She told us they were best worn while they were fresh wouldn’t last so I wore mine to my local coffee shop and received many compliments, but I do think I had more admiring glances when I was driving home in the car. It was either the crown or my extravagant dance moves (which are somewhat restricted while driving).
There is something beautiful about wearing a flower crown. I felt close to Mother Nature and the scent of the flowers was amazing. And they are oh so pretty!



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